Kindra from New Harvest
We are God's workmanship created In Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10. As a small child I knew I was made to sing for God.

I had a rough childhood due to a bad heart condition, but God spared my life; and, at the age of twelve, God saved me. I loved God so much I would lay in bed at night and sing to him for hours. I knew in my heart that he was there and listening. As I felt his presence, it brought me such great joy and I was very close to him. As I grew older, I began to fail him and eventually strayed away. Not a day went by that I didn't feel conviction but the enemy convinced me God was ashamed of me, and would not have me back. I felt very unworthy in God's sight.

One night I dreamed Christ had returned. It scared me and was so real, and because of the dream I went to church with my sister. I knelt at the altar and began repenting for my sins. I told God I was sorry and wanted Him back in my life if it were possible. God spoke to my heart that night; He said, "I've never left you!" He said, "I want you to remember me like when you were a child and love me like that." He said He spared my life for a purpose. He said, "I never forgot the nights you stayed up to sing for me." He let me know that He never gave up on me and that He had work for me to do.

I had never experienced something so real! I felt the joy, peace and safety that I once had. Since then, I have done everything in my power through Him who gives me strength to witness for Him. He is my first love and always will be! Its an honor to get to share who Christ is with others.